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Knowing what kind of essay you are trying to write can help you decide on a topic and structure your essay in the best way possible. Here are a few other types.

The appearance is not good. I do not say that I live in a cube or the like. Of course, the water is always dark blue, the weather is not very hot, but it is occasionally cool, the sky always has clouds and blue sky, the stars are brightest at night. My "utopia" will be a safe place to go out at midnight without having to think about the dangerous event that happens to you.

A Dream Vacation in the Beautiful Country of Italy | Kibin

Where you can spend hours spending hours going to the park without thinking about hundreds of different things Sometimes I am not good, my head, maybe I know, but I need you to believe my romance, this crazy heart talks about sunset, dreams and vision. Two perfect people drink perfect wine in the perfect place to live a life together. I have never seen anyone who can do this. This is not a joke, I am not very interesting to you, this is something you have never seen before and I have never thought about reality.

I will meet you, see me with your heart, you need you without any other feelings. My favorite place when I was young was County Park Lake.

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Adults are playing horse shoes as we have picnics with our families, we gather together and have great food and kids to play. I did not have such a place when I was a child.

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My best recollection is that we should have those memories at that picnic spot. Everyone in the family gathered and it was always the last one, but no matter what happened, we thought that there was family time in the lake in the county park. I went to my favorite restaurant last night - my favorite bar - this is my favorite as my friend owns this place. This is also my husband's favorite place. We used a water bottle of Cote du Rhone and San Pelligrino to write the company's business plan.

And then I embraced and kissed me. Even people wearing jackets to say hi The kitchen is my favorite place, this is the place I like to eat. Since I am young at home, my mother and father always keep me away from the kitchen. I frequently share her work in the kitchen and other housework, but my mother does not tell me anything about my work. She is very friendly, very cute and very simple. Most importantly, she did not yell at us. The kitchen is a perfect place to relax, with a good smell and thought.

I think that the way the kitchen attracts all the senses at once is a very pleasing thing.

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I often explore many freedoms in the kitchen, the only requirement is to clean up after myself. The kitchen truly gave me a lot of good memories.

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  • Of course, the bedroom is my favorite place for me. When I roll on the bed, I really like everyone I like. But the kitchen is my favorite. Television can not distract attention. Only expectations for delicious meals and good dialogue can be dealt with. So, what should I do? When asked to choose my favorite destination, I decided to ask them, what is my favorite? What is my favorite European country? What is your favorite city?

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    Where is my favorite meal destination? What is my favorite relaxing place? What is my favorite adventure travel experience? What is your favorite thing to answer questions about my favorite places? But the concept of my favorite destination seems strange. My feelings about the place I visited are dynamic and constantly changing. Asking my favorite things does not necessarily lead to a clear answer, but in order to capture my feelings at that particular moment.

    As it changes, I want to know something almost that point. But in many places I've been doing, I have some favorites so here are some short lists of some of the places I like most and why. Share my location The countdown of the stopwatch will be like a bomb. The last graffiti will accelerate to catch a creepy cry. The time has come. I stood up and fell down, dropping behind the podium. The shape of the sound turns into a creature that produces rhythm. I think Daniel Webster is a reincarnation, but wearing a black suit in high heels looks like a penguin.

    This is not just a blog for me, it is not a place to share my thoughts. This is a place to promote the discussion, to pursue the world as you wish, and to inspire others to take action in life. This is the place to laugh, laugh, encourage, and cheer up. My future children will come from various places, if any.

    From their own pedigree, they come from three continents. There are multiple passports. They share my feelings about what comes from a particular place, but they are not at all.

    India of My Dreams Essay

    I do not fully agree with my nationality, and it is very likely that they will not agree. It was not until my adulthood that I understood how much my identity metadata is different from most people.

    Many people have their own nationality; I have more than one and do not fully agree with any of them. Especially in America, many people agree with religion, but I do not believe anything. For many people, they have a deep historical relationship with the community, but it can go back to generations. Confession: I will be very personal here and share my life. I try not to share my private life details in such a public place. But I strongly believe that this requires my own learning and that it is the best way to explain my opinion.

    The community recognizes the psychological and spiritual state shared in this place, shares the possibilities of people in this place and limits their lives. This is a relationship between people, care for each other, mutual trust, and freedom between them. The community definition provided by Berry seems to be incompatible with Whitman's stranger's humanization, but there are important convergence points.

    The place we live affects our way of life - not a fixed idea created by treating this insight as a slogan. But as long as we are interested in understanding the categories of human compatriots. My favorite place I just finished some difficult homework, I know that I did something bad. Well then where "the edge of the cliff" comes to my mind, this is not the answer! I put chocolate in my bedroom, turned over to bed and pressed the play button on the video It was.

    That does not matter, I am a bit tired. I want to tell you what I like the most in town. First of all, I would like to explain it to you. Someday I understand why the city, its atmosphere, and the city, so this is not just my favorite places. It was the day of victory that I walked around the city and enjoyed the warm weather in May. Bol'shaya Pokrovskaya Street is very crowded but beautiful. Thousands of people celebrate, dance, sing, draw pictures and take pictures on holidays. There is no evil or fear, people are laughing.

    Many of the youths who fail to get good employment opportunities in India fly abroad and put their minds to work for the economic growth of other countries while others roam around unemployed. The country is still not completely free of discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and religion. It is sad to see how people belonging to the lower and weaker sections are even denied their basic rights in certain parts of the country. Besides, there are various fundamentalist and separatist groups that provoke people to propagate their religion and talk ill about the others.

    This often leads to unrest in the country.

    Long and Short Essay on India of My Dreams in English

    I dream of India where people are not discriminated based on their caste and religion. Corruption is one of the main reasons why India is unable to grow at the speed at which it should. Instead of making an effort to serve the country, the political leaders here are busy filling their own pockets.

    I dream of India where the ministers are dedicated wholly and solely towards the development of the country and its citizens. India of my dreams would be a country that sees all its citizens as equal and does not discriminate them based on any criteria.