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Knowing what kind of essay you are trying to write can help you decide on a topic and structure your essay in the best way possible. Here are a few other types.

Reading to Learn : College instructors consider reading a basic skill, one that all.

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Skip to Navigation Skip to Main Content. WICOR provides a learning model that faculty can use to guide students to comprehend materials and concepts, and articulate ideas, at increasingly complex levels scaffolding within developmental, general education and discipline-based curricula in their major.

Furthermore, the WICOR model reflects and promotes the expertise and attitudes that will serve students well in life beyond college graduation. Many teachers create lists of what students should put inside their one-pagers. Knowing they need two quotations, several symbolic images, one key theme, etc. When creating one-pagers, artistic students tend to feature more sketches, doodles, icons and lettering.

Students wary of art tend to feature more text, and can be reluctant to engage with the visual part of the assignment at all.

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It was this issue—the issue of the art-haters—that first drew me into one-pagers two years ago. But the comments that followed were always the same. Those comments struck a chord with me.

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For years I had dealt with comments from some of my own students about their distaste for artistic materials when I would introduce creative projects. No matter how much I explained that it was the intention behind their choices that mattered, I always got some pushback if there were any artistic elements involved in a project.

Was there a way to tweak the one-pager assignment so every student would feel confident in their success? Another problem was one of overall design: Though they knew they needed to hit all the requirements their teachers listed, students still seemed to be overwhelmed by that huge blank page. What should go where?

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Did colored pencils really have to be involved? As I thought about the problem, I wondered if students would feel less overwhelmed if they knew what needed to go where. If the quotations had to be in the middle, the themes in the upper left, the images across the bottom, etc. I began to play around with the shapes tool in PowerPoint, creating different one-pager templates.

Then I began shaping my requirements, correlating each element with a space on the paper. Maybe the border could be the key quotations.

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The center would feature an important symbol. The themes could go in circles around the center. I developed a bunch of different templates for varied ways to respond to novels. Then I tried podcasts.

That little bit of creative constraint actually frees students to use their imagination to represent what they have learned on the page without fear. They know what they need to put down, and where, but they are also free to expand and add to the template.

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To choose their own colors. To bring out what is most important to them through their creativity and artistry. And those super artistic students? They can just flip the template over and use the blank page on the back. There are so many ways to integrate this creative strategy into your classroom. You can also use them to help students focus in on the most important information in nonfiction articles and books. One EFL teacher in Croatia used the templates to have students share key takeaways from articles they read about social media.

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Not only did students have to analyze the text deeply to figure out what was most important, but the dual-coding theory suggests the process of creating the one-pagers will help them remember the information better. Another great use for one-pagers is to keep students focused while absorbing media. When students are watching a film, listening to a podcast, or even attending an assembly with a guest speaker, they can be creating one-pagers as they listen, a kind of formalized version of sketchnotes.

The steps below should help you in creating an assignment for which every student has a roadmap to success. Choose the elements you want your students to put onto their one-pagers. For example, quotations, key themes, literary elements, discussion of style, important characters or dates, connections to other disciplines, connections to their lives, connections to modern culture. Create a layout using the shapes tool in PowerPoint or something similar or grab a free set of templates here or here.

Connect your instructions to your layout. Make it clear which elements should go in which area of your template. Create a simple rubric with the key categories you want your students to succeed with. As you introduce the assignment, show students some examples of one-pagers to give them a sense for how they might proceed. Give students time to work on their one-pagers in class so they can ask you questions. Consider providing some artistic materials if you can, or inviting students to bring them in. You can always let them complete the work at home if necessary.

Do a gallery walk of the one-pagers before you collect them, or have them present to each other in small groups. Come back for more. Join our mailing list and get weekly tips, tools, and inspiration that will make your teaching more effective and fun. Over 50, teachers have already joined—come on in. Categories: Instruction , Podcast. Tags: assessment , English language arts , teaching strategies. Using this for assessment is also a great idea to provide an idea of student learning.

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Can you comment on how you use these for assessment and how you assess the one-pagers? Hi Kim, I think one-pagers make a great closing assessment for many units. I think it helps a lot to grade them from a clear rubric — if you download my free set of templates, it includes the rubric I designed.

You might want to grab it, just to help you design your own if you prefer.

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Hope this helps! Hi there! This is awesome! Do you have any samples or formats for a math class? Embed: This code would display the entire rubric within a frame on other websites. Your browser does not support iframes. Introduction is missing ONE of the opening elements: attention-grabber, thesis statement, or preview of topics. Introduction is missing TWO of the opening elements: attention-grabber, thesis statement, or preview of topics.

Speech begins without an official introduction. Presentation is very organized and was very easy to follow. Transitions between topics are smooth. Presentation is fairly organized and pretty followable. Transitions might have been slightly discontinuous but did not take away geatly from the overall presentation. Presentation is not clearly organized. Transitions between topics are jumpy or awkward. Presentation lacks organization. Presentation lacks order and is difficult to follow. Student has a strong hold on the content and content is thoroughly addressed.

No mistakes are made with regard to content knowledge. Student has a basic understanding of the content. Content is missing minor elements or contains minor errors. Thesis is supported. Student has only a superficial or limited understanding of content. Several mistakes were made during the presentation. Thesis not proven or supported. Student has little to no understanding of the content addressed in the presentation.

Thesis not proven. Stage Presence. Student speaks with a strong voice, maintains eye contact with audience, gestures naturally, and shows preparedness. Student fails to either speak with a strong voice, maintain eye contact, or use natural gestures. Student struggles with stage presence in TWO or more areas.