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Knowing what kind of essay you are trying to write can help you decide on a topic and structure your essay in the best way possible. Here are a few other types.

Your employment history should be written in reverse chronological order, with your current or most recent position first. For each position, include your job title, the name of the company or organisation, its location, its website and the dates you were employed in that role.

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In this case, find parallels between the job description and your responsibilities in any previous roles. This is where to list any other skills or personal achievements that demonstrate your suitability for the role.

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If you can speak any other languages, list them here, ideally with an indication of what level. The key thing here is not to overcomplicate the CV. This means listing your current role at the top of your career history, making relevant experience and qualifications prominent and dividing your CV into logical sections. For example, if you have had four previous jobs and have underlined three of them but not the other, it could look sloppy.

Lots of white space, short, snappy paragraphs and bullet points are the order of the day. Avoid fancy fonts. Something simple, sleek and easy-to-read, like Arial, is the best option. Headers, footers, images or complicated formatting should also be avoided. All your presentation decisions should be driven by clarity - do whatever will make your CV easiest to read at a glance.

Scour the job description and pick out important keywords that show what skills, qualities and experience the company is looking for. Your CV needs to show that you fulfil the requirements of the job.

What to include in your CV Personal Statement

Demonstrate this by using keywords from the job advert and relating them to your experience and skills. The more specific you can be the better, so back up your claims with real-life examples. It may be time consuming, but employers need to see commitment to the role, so take the time to make your skills shine for each particular application.

For the most impact, only include relevant work experience.

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The more relevant the job, the more detail you should include. Aim for three or four examples for the most relevant roles. Sprinkle keywords from the job description throughout your CV in prominent places, like in the responsibilities and achievements listed in your employment history, and in your personal statement. For more detailed information on how to tailor your CV, check out our dedicated blog. Including your interests is more applicable if you are job seeking early on in your career, as in the absence of an abundance of experience, you can demonstrate any personal activities and interests that make you suitable for a career in the industry.

However, interests displayed on the CV should always be constructive to your personal development. For example, only include your photography classes if you are going for a job in a creative industry where you may be required to take or handle photos. For more senior or experienced individuals, interests can be a questionable benefit to include. With a keen eye for detail, Brendan enjoys getting involved in the creative aspects of the role. Name: Selena Middleton. Selena is our Administrator and underpins all of the recruitment activity in the office.

Claire joined in initially in a temporary position before joining full time as a Recruitment Co-ordinator. She works with employers and job seekers to find their perfect match. Favourite thing to do : Anything creative especially jewellery designing and making. Name: Lisa Brunt.

Lisa joined Glu in as our first member of staff and is our Senior Recruitment Co-ordinator. Outside of this she is the office mum who looks after us all and makes a cracking brew. Favourite food : Too many to name! Name: Charlotte Pike. Charlotte has been with Glu since and has worked her way up to the position of Recruitment Co-ordinator and works with employers and job seekers to find their perfect match.

How to: Write a personal statement

Name: Rob Shaw. Rob is the business owner and leads the team on the good ship Glu Recruit. He has over a decade of recruitment experience and has worked for a large national as well as a smaller independent agency in that time. Otherwise, it sounds existentially awkward, rather than objective. For example, 'She is a retail professional seeking a management role…' would become 'A retail professional seeking a management role…'.

We've looked at the purpose of a personal statement, what it should include and how it should look on the page. Now let's zoom in on exactly how to write a winning statement. When writing, keep in mind that your statement is your elevator pitch; it's the equivalent of the 'tell me about yourself' or 'why should I hire you? The first sentence of your personal statement needs to tell the prospective employer where you stand in your professional field and your career.

Think about your current position of employment; what you like the most about your career, job or professional field; and your qualities that are valuable in relation to this vacancy. As a successful digital marketing professional specialising in e-commerce, I have recently worked with several global brands in the sector to improve their marketing strategy and boost their reach.

The next part of your statement should draw on your achievements that line up with the requirements in the job description, aiming to prove that what you can bring to the table is relevant and impressive. It's always best to address the essential job specifications in your personal statement as you'll make it clear from the beginning that you're the right type of person for the job.

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For example, if the role requires a candidate with management experience or a degree in a certain subject and you have these, say so. I have experience in optimising quality digital products via my most recent role and am therefore in tune with the latest developments across the online landscape. As a result, I have devised winning branding strategies for e-commerce businesses that are robust, customer-centric and set for aggressive growth. The last part of your personal statement should be short and snappy as it's reaffirming why you are applying for this vacancy.

How to write a CV profile [or personal statement] and get noticed

I am currently looking for a senior branding or marketing management role within the e-commerce sector where I can maintain my strong track record and deliver similar results. In addition to the samples above, here are a couple of complete personal statements examples so you have a decent idea of what yours should look like. A recent graduate with a first-class BSc degree in Mathematics, specialising in analytics and statistics. Holds commercial experience within the finance sector thanks to an internship with a corporate UK business, and has resultantly developed technical skills in data science and data engineering.

Has a proven ability to meet deadlines, prioritise , problem solve and maintain high standards having balanced a part-time job alongside studies over the last three years. Now looking to secure a place on a graduate programme that will provide exposure to data science and career progression opportunities. I am a skilled and successful product engineer within the automotive industry with an HND in mechanical engineering and seven years of experience in the sector.

Having worked in a number of labs handling vehicle-based testing and mentoring development technicians, I am confident in managing teams in a hands-on environment and running new development projects from briefing to sign off. Currently looking for a role that complements my skill set and experience. Available immediately. There are some common personal statement errors that you should avoid. Steer clear of these popular pitfalls or your statement may not be as powerful as you hoped.

Here’s Why You Need a Personal Statement/Profile for a CV

Are you an extremely self-motivated, ambitious professional with extensive experience and passion for a certain industry? We thought so. Buzzwords are great, and you'll find them in abundance in job adverts.