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In his classic short story, "Flight," John Steinbeck uses many examples of symbolism to foreshadow the conclusion. Symbolism can be a person, place or thing, used to portray something beyond itself. The most repeatedly used symbol in "Flight," is the color black.

In literature many authors use black to represent death. There are numerous examples of this color in the story. Steinbeck describes the path as a well-worn black path.

Essay on Analysis of Fight by John Steinbeck

By traveling on this path he is in fact taking the road of death. Steinbeck describes him as having a black hat that covers his black thatched hair. The shack is described as weathered and very old. It casts a rather large shadow to the North east. The darkness of the shadow symbolizes death in the home. Another commonly used symbol in the story "Flight," is direction. Direction is used to represent positive or negative effects.

North and East are generally "good" directions. Many people feel this came about because the sun rises in the East. On the other hand, the directions South and West are generally "bad" directions. Basically this is because the sun sets in the West. In addition to compass directions, height is also a very popular way of foreshadowing the conclusion of the story. The direction up, which is the way to heaven, is generally "good," while down, the direction of hell, is considered to be "bad. The shadow is heading in the direction North East. Even though the directions North and East are "good," the fact that the shadow is there turns them "bad.

The sun, which is the bringer of all life is moving towards evil. Steinbeck further uses this symbolism while describing the tops of the trees on the mountain.

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The tops of the trees were wind-bitten and dead. Throughout the story Steinbeck emphasizes nature symbolism. Nature symbolism includes a variety of things. One very popular symbol is water. Because of the fact that we, as humans, require water in order to live, water represents life. The water leaked onto the horse's shoulder. It just so happened that when the horse was shot it was in the same shoulder. When he first starts out he is traveling very close to the river.

As he continues with his journey, the path in which he travels has the tendency to turn more and more away from the river. These are just a couple of situations in the story "Flight" that help the reader catch a glimpse of the ending of the story.

Extract of sample "Steinbeck's Flight: A Critical Analysis"

As we can clearly see, John Steinbeck has used many techniques and examples of symbolism to help portray the ending of the short story, "Flight. Nature, especially water, is another form of symbolism that Steinbeck utilizes. Water equals life. Facebook share Twitter WhatsApp.

Harry Shippe Truman. Herbert Hoover. The Presidency of FDR. James Madison. John Quincy Adams. He considered his work to be experimental. He intentionally used a documentary style for The Grapes of Wrath , the fabular for The Pearl , the picaresque for Tortilla Flat , and so on.

Generally he belongs to the myth-symbol school of the twenties. Dreams, the unconscious, reccurring myths, symbolic characters--these qualities are characteristic of what Jung called the "visionary" style. Realism, Steinbeck once noted, is the surface form for his interest in psychology and philosophy. To this The Grapes of Wrath is no exception. I'd add that his work about Indians follows the outlines of tragedy. Finally point out that Steinbeck's work included film scripts, plays, and political speeches and war propaganda.

Steinbeck's earliest writings, whose subject was the individual psyche, sold poorly. With his fifth book, the picaresque Tortilla Flat , Steinbeck became a popular writer, and with In Dubious Battle and The Grapes of Wrath , novels rooted in the issues of the depression, Steinbeck achieved international fame.

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Before those publications, his West Coast audience did not comprehend his direction. For most he was a "mystic" writer, and for Edmund Wilson, Steinbeck was writing "biological" stories. It may be this lack of comprehension that led him to insert characters into his novels who commented on the significance of the action.

The one reviewer who saw Steinbeck's literary subject as the "unconscious," received a note from Steinbeck thanking him for the insightful review. For his treatment of the mob psyche and the group, one can find similarities in Nathaniel West. Ernest Hemingway's cultural changes in Spain, the existential world of his characters, and the industrialization of William Faulkner's South parallel Steinbeck's social dynamics.

Flight Innocence To Experience John Steinbeck —

In all, pastoral worlds disappear. Both Nathaniel Hawthorne and Faulkner share Steinbeck's recognition of the power of myth; Hemingway, like Steinbeck, recognizes unfulfilled religious needs. In Hemingway's style Steinbeck found a model for his own. Yet the classics are also influential: Milton on In Dubious Battle , the Arthurian legends on Indians and his nonconformists, Winesburg on the early short stories, "Everyman" on The Wayward Bus among others.

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And everywhere are the Bible and The Golden Bough. To teach "Flight," I would direct students: To define the stereotype of an Indian and to locate supporting details. To locate cultural artifacts Pepe abandons in his regression backward to a primeval state. To ask what are the duties of Pepe's peers and the consequences. To explain the significance of the landscape starting with Pepe's home. To define manhood as Pepe understood it and explain whether his concept changed.

To discuss what is pursuing Pepe--an abstraction? Any of the above questions will do.

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  • Symbolism and Foreshadowing in "Flight" by John Steinbeck.

And what is the role of the mother? Or ask questions about illusion, the definition of myth and symbol, the use of biological or animal imagery and its purpose. See pertinent sections of Jackson Benson's biography. A collection of essays I'm editing on the above issues will soon be published by Edwin Mellen Press.

Astro's book has good material on Steinbeck and philosophy and science. Two Steinbeck Study Guides edited by T.