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San Francisco has long been my home away from home. I love the city, the people, the architecture, the ocean and, yes, I love the food.

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Over the years I have done some of my best photography there. San Francisco inspires me. For two full days we will explore life in the heart of this remarkable city. We will walk the streets, meet the people, explore the light and capture the soul of this place that I love so much. There are only 8 spots available for this course offering, so if you are interested, please head over to the registration page to read all of the course details:.

I will leave you with some of my favourite street images taken over the years in San Francisco. I hope to see you there in February! I have spoken about it on podcasts, on countless stages, in magazine articles and over coffee with friends who needed to talk.

Dornith Doherty: Archiving Eden

Putting yourself out there and speaking from a place of vulnerability is never easy. On the contrary, it can be terrifying at times. But, there is magic in doing it because it helps people. At my core that is who I have always tried to be… a helper. For so many years I did it with my hands, with IVs full of medication, with bandages and tourniquets and with defibrillators.

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The tools of my trade have changed now of course, I traded in my stethoscope for a camera a long time ago, but I am still trying to help by telling my story to anyone who will listen. I tell it because I know it has helped other people who are struggling, much like I was helped by hearing about the experiences of others when I needed it the most. A few months ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Muse Storytelling.

We spoke about this new project that my friends at Fujifilm Cameras were doing. There would be no talk about camera settings, or which lens is better, or what accessories you should buy.

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It was going to be a celebration of life, of people, of art and of storytelling. It was amazing, and I knew right away that I had to be a part of it. And now, finally, all of you who helped me on this journey can be a part of it too. You are all amazing.

Allan Sekula - Monoskop

You saved me, and I will be eternally grateful. Please follow this link to view my video in the Create Forever series. In order to grapple with the tension between embracing their Japanese heritage and the shame they were forced to feel about it, Takigawa began piecing together the fragments of this existential puzzle, sorting through old family photos, identity cards, war memorabilia and other symbolic ephemera. Bringing the objects together in dynamic, three-dimensional temporary collages, Takigawa photographs the patchworks.

Each image focuses on the carefully-placed objects, with blurred photographs as their backdrops. And how exactly did Japanese Americans collectively deal with this injustice over time? Through this work, I gained a new appreciation and understanding of our collective shame and resolve to transcend this major affront. While the series is incredibly personal, Takigawa hopes it will encourage discourse on the lasting and pervasive effects of racism in America today.

This series asks us to consider how race is a tenacious cultural expedience that we sanction, leading us to use labels, judgment and separation.

Eduardo Pavez talks Photographic Practice - Street Photography Interviews (Ep.1)

Balancing Cultures. Trending this Week. A journey through the day-to-day dynamics of family life and relationships, this powerful new book confronts an often overlooked period of life: middle-age. Discover the 25 remarkable photographers selected for their distinctive creative vision and potential. Taking inspiration from seminal photographers like Ed Ruscha, Walker Evans and the Bechers, this photographer documents the overlooked sides of billboards of L.