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Knowing what kind of essay you are trying to write can help you decide on a topic and structure your essay in the best way possible. Here are a few other types.

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Online Custom Essay Writing Service. However, it has been always so hard to find that many of us had to write papers for academia by ourselves and get poor t is important to mention that cheap essay writing help has always been something modern students were looking for and were deeply interested in. I thought I was worth something. Below is a list of concepts and objects. Pick two and use one as a metaphor for the other. Write at least five sentences or lines of poetry.

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Taylor Houston is a genuine Word Nerd living in Portland, OR where she works as a technical writer and volunteers on the marketing committee for Wordstock , a local organization dedicated to writing education. To leave a comment Login with Facebook or create a free account. Luminescent, it sparkled in the moonlight. Breathless, I looked into his eyes. Arrested, my heart stopped beating.

This night would forever be sliced into my memory. JRNutt, that's great! I'm glad you enjoyed writing it. They are fun to play around with. Jenny, that is SOO true. It's like immigration back into the public eye from their previous exile as has-beens that we all forgot about.

They always want you to be clean and never dirty. The good ones do, anyway. I know my parents cared: they dragged me to church and taught me to pray every night, they pushed me to work harder in school, they taught me the value of money, and they taught me the value of love.

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They also taught me about violence, doing harm unto others, living in so-called sin. Everything they did was directed towards bringing me up in the cleanliest way they could, so that when I left for Harvard or when I raised a good family and lived with them in a nice home, they could look at each other and know that they succeeded at raising me.

Her room, her world, is familiar and stale.

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Worn sandals and faded lounge pants creating disheveled banks for a slight walkway where she practices her gait. Preparation for a formal in which her goal is to be unnoticed but present and engaged. She selects ordinary heels. Enough to be accepted. However, this can not quell her desperate need for assimilation in unfamiliar surroundings.

Desperation developed from fear of the unknown pathways she will encounter. Her joints jockeying for balance, her feet trying to maintain grace. The structure, rickety and decrepit, only had two letters left of it's neon sign, N and S. Both flickered and hissed, with the I remaining dark, dead, in front of the other two letters.

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Or Her eyes are bright as the sun. On the most basic level, the sentence above could be written as a metaphor like this: Her eyes are the sun. Extended Metaphors Extended metaphors also known as a conceit take two sometimes more concepts and evaluate them over a series of sentences to create a more intricate picture of how one thing is like the other. Extended metaphors use complex logic such as the following to flesh out the argument: Compare how one is like the other Contrast how one in unlike the other Juxtaposition placing both ideas together Analogy the relationship of one to the other Extrapolation inferring or hypothesizing the unknown about one using the known of the other There are no particular parameters defined for how long or short an extended metaphor can be, but in typical use, an extended metaphor is more than one sentence that draws the comparison and can go as long as a whole paragraph, poem, story, novel, etc.

The Author to Her Book Thou ill-formed offspring of my feeble brain, Who after birth did'st by my side remain, Till snatcht from thence by friends, less wise than true, Who thee abroad exposed to public view, Made thee in rags, halting to th' press to trudge, Where errors were not lessened all may judge. Metaphor as Rhetoric Sure, every author from Shakespeare to Jim Goad has used extended metaphor and finding an example is easy as G-o-o-g-l-e.

Juxtapose known concepts with unknown or lesser known concepts. Take a cue from Anne Bradstreet and combine something you or your audience know well with something that is new to you or your audience.

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Anne gave birth to 8 children in her lifetime, so the anxieties of motherhood were known to her. On the contrary, becoming a published and relatively well-received author was entirely new to her. To conceptualize her experience, she wrote about in terms of a mother too soon separated from a child. Be consistent. Ensure the language you choose equally applies to both situations. A great way to keep this in check is to follow the rules of the grammatical concept of parallelism.

In a parallel structured sentence, all parts of the sentence should be grammatically equal. An example of a parallel sentence: Before Sarah took a shower, she fed the dog and the cat, she woke the baby and the husband, she made the bed and the breakfast. It could be said that comparing one iconic political figure to another Hitler and Obama is not unexpected, and it could even be said that parenthood and creating art have been compared before—there is NOTHING new under the sun, right? Unexpected doesn't have to mean complex, either, just unique but believable.

The two men shook hands, reached into their pockets, and exchanged keys. I agree.

Drag it Out: How to Use Extended Metaphors for Maximum Effect

Down with extended metaphors in university essays! I work in graduate admissions, not MBA but science related. However my advice is to avoid the extended metaphor. Remember that there are real people reviewing your application and they are probably looking at hundreds of essays. What ever the topic, they are looking for clear concise writing. How does clear, concise writing exclude an extended metaphor? Sorry, I'm just surprised by everyone's immediate negative reaction when there is little to no informtion about the essay's subject, intent, or what the metaphor is.

Introduce the metaphor early on, stimulate some thought about it, and let it hang while you expose the core of your essay. Make that core strong and clear, and visit the metaphor again at the end. This way, you can extract some of the punch of the metaphor without relying on it at every step, and provide an interesting opening and a punchy ending.