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Maya, the victim, stated he is a sweet dog. I never thought he would bite anyone. This just goes to show how caring a pitbull, that has no previous acts of attacking people, can protect a family member.

I. Introduction: What is Dogfighting?

Another incident happened in Fort Meyer, Florida where a man attacked a family with a knife and the familys pit bull attacked the man to protect them. Unfortunately, the dog was stabbed and passed away, but she was able to save the family from getting hurt CNN Wire. One of the victims stated If it wasnt for her, man, Im telling you. He could have killed one of us CNN Wire. These dogs just want to be loved and accepted by their families: they show their gratitude by being the defenders of their owners.

Now, there are some occurrences where pit bulls have attacked people and other animals, but it was not to protect their families.

Who Cares About Animals?

However, Karen Sparapani, a director for the animal control in the area, had said that, It doesn't make them a bad dog, but it does make them a dog that has to be managed Sears. Her statement means that these dogs just need proper training. The pit bulls that attacked the woman could have been abused or apart of a dog fighting circle.

With these five key ideas, pit bulls can be great pets just like any other dog breed. It takes time and patiences to have a dog; when people do not have that kind of dedication, that is when the dogs act out. In other words, it is not the dogs fault that they behavior in violent ways; it is what they are taught to do. If pit bulls are trained the right way, there would not be a need to make it illegal to own them.

Pit bulls should not be discriminated against just because of the how people think they act. Abusive, neglecting owners are what make violent dogs. People should not make judgements based off of what they think pit bulls are. Pits were originally made to work; they were bred to be a service companion.

Animal Cruelty: Dog Fighting Essay - Words | Bartleby

These dog should not be taken away for their owners who may be disabled. Pit bulls require training and adequate attention like other types of breeds. People need to realize this so that pit bulls are not taken away from their family. Department of Justice, 20 July WIPX, 21 Dec. Cable News Network, 03 Dec. The Christian Science Monitor, 30 Sept. NYP Holdings, 30 Nov. WITI, 23 Oct. Documents Similar To persuasive essay. Riversandbluffs Animalshelter. Raj Gupta.

Rianna Mckenzie. James Hanlon. Eduardo Ayala. Phil Schwartz. Michael Omondi. Popular in Dog.

Jugoslav Demo. Marc Jherrim Dumapis. Helene Mousseau.

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Sonya Matheson. Lorena Giraldo Salazar. Cristina Johann. Michael Collins. Valentina Veranes. Crystal Dawn Roby. Hitesh Vishnu. Behind their immense, strong and well-built bodies, which at first glance might seem threatening, there lies a loyal, playful and lovable animal. Even though some pit bulls have committed vicious crimes in the past, society should not punish the entire breed for it. I do not only consider Simba my pet, I also consider him a sort of son. I feed him, I take care of him and I raise him. I love him like any other father would love his son and because of that I refuse to allow people, along with society, assume that my dog is a cruel, threatening or good-for-nothing creature.

In reality, Simba poses no threat.

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He is a loyal, high-spirited and friendly dog. For as long as society discriminates against pit bulls, for as long as they discriminate against Simba, I will stand by my dog and I, too, will feel that same discrimination. Please enter the email address for your Disqus account to join the comments. You must be logged in as a subscriber to access the comments section. Learn why. Please enter the email address for your Disqus account to join the comments Email Continue. With these ineffective and expensive restrictions, ownership is skewed by promoting bad ownership and degrading good ownership.

Dogfighting Speech

Chained or tethered dogs are 2. Therefore, the problem lies not in the breed, but in the way owners individually care for and raise their dogs. Any dog, regardless of breed, could be become dangerous, but the solution is to remedy the above causes with appropriate laws that punish based on the deed, not the breed. Really good essay! I liked how your introduction outlined your paper and gave the reader a clear understanding of what you were going to talk about.

We had my dog Heather for 14 years before we put her down two years ago and she was the sweetest most angelic dog and the love of my life. But, every time I tell someone that I had a dalmatian, their first thought is that she was some uncontrollable and mean dog.

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