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He also advised people to be guided by the conscience. He inspired men to cultivate rationality. To all he appealed to observe the principle of unity of God. And I found the inhabitants there of agreeing generally in believing in the existence of one being who is the source of creation and the Governor of it. Raja Ram Mohan Roy advocated the liberty of Women. He was determined to give women her proper place in the society. Besides abolishing Sati, he advocated in favor of widow remarriage. He also told that like the sons, daughters have also their right over parental property. He also influenced the British government to bring necessary modification in the existing law.

He raised voice against child-marriage and polygamy. He was the advocate of women education. The caste system was a very ugly practice prevailing in Indian society right from the later Vedic age. Indian society was fragmented by the name of different castes. The higher castes like Brahmins and Kshatriyas looked down upon the Sudras, Chandalas and other aboriginals.

Ram Mohan opposed this ugly system of the Indian society. To him everybody was a son or daughter of the God.

So, there is no difference among men. There should not exist hatred and animosity among them. Everybody is equal before God. Thus, ignoring differences among themselves they should embrace each other ignoring differences. Then, the true purpose of God will be materialized. By advocating this equality among men. Ram Mohan became the eyesore of many higher caste Indians. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a great scholar having sharp intellect in the Vedas, Upanishads, Quran, Bible and several other holy scriptures. He very well realized the importance of English language.

He could visualize the need of a scientific, rational and progressive education for the Indians. During his time, when controversy was going on between the orientalists and occident lists, he sided with the latter and advocated in favour of the introduction of the English system of education. At the same time he also desired that the Indian Vedic studies and philosophical systems were to be studied and analyzed properly. He supported the move of Lord Macaulay and championed the cause of the English system of education in India.

His motto was to take Indians the path of progress. He established English school in and Vedanta College in He wanted to introduce modem system of education. Of course, he could not live to see the introduction of English system of education in India in However, his efforts and dreams were materialized into reality even after his death.

Evolution of Liberalism in India

He believed in the freedom of press. He was also the editor of Mirat- ul-Akbar. When restrictions were imposed on the publications of newspapers, he reacted sharply and criticized the British authorities vehemently. In his editorials, he reflected important social, political, economic, religious and other problems with which the Indians were grossly entangled.

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This brought public consciousness. His writings were so powerful that people were deeply moved by this. He could express his view in powerful English.

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He wanted the state intervention to protect the property of the individual. Further, he advocated that the peasants should be protected by the government from the tyranny of the landlords.

Short Documentary RAJA RAM MOHAN ROY

He was well aware of the dangerous consequences of the permanent settlement of introduced by Lord Cornwallis. So, he wanted the British authority to intervene in the affairs of the Zamindars to protect the peasants. He advocated the right of Hindu women over property. As a liberal economic thinker he was deeply concerned with the economic strangulation of the poor in the century.

That is why he had resented strongly against the existing revenue system of the country whose first prey were the landlords. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the champion of internalism. He wanted universal religion, synthesis of human culture and ideas, end of imperialism and peaceful co-existence of nations. Thus, he became the harbinger of a modem age. No Indian by that time had seriously thought about it what Ram Mohan advocated.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy – A Social Reformer | Raja Ram Mohan Roy Biography | My India

He really advocated the principle of collaboration of mankind. This led Rabindranath Tagore to comment—. He knew that the ideal of human civilization does not lie in isolation of independence but in the brotherhood of interdependence of individuals and nations. It preached monotheism. It condemned idolatry. He studied Persian and Arabic in Patna and then he was sent to Kashi for learning the intricacies of Sanskrit and Hindu scripture, including the Vedas and Upanishads.

He preached the unity of God and made early translations of Vedic scriptures into English. Roy founded the Brahma Samaj that played a major role in reforming and modernizing the Indian society. They added that we can adore or please God at any time and at any place.

He has established a number of schools to popularize a modern system that was effectively replacing Sanskrit based education with English based education in India. He also promoted a rational, ethical, non-authoritarian, this-worldly, and social-reform Hinduism. His writings and lessons also sparked interest among British and American Unitarians.

The East India Company was pulling money from India at a rate of three million pounds a year in Ram Mohan Roy was only the first Indian who tried to estimate how much money was being driven out of India. He also found that where it was disappearing. He calculated and told the Indians that around one-half of all total revenue collected in India was sent out to England. And India had left with a considerably larger population use the remaining money for maintaining social well-being. Roy saw this first and believed that the unrestricted settlement of European would help ease the economic drain crisis.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the first great social and religious reformer of the nineteenth century. He has given a modern meaning and purpose to the ancient and medieval elements of Indian polity. He has brought about a synthesis of the East and the West which led to a cosmopolitan humanist culture. He was the first thinker of modern India who urged social and religious reforms on rational principles. He was an arch which spanned the gulf that yawned between the ancient caste and modern, humanity, between art and science, between despotism and democracy, between immobile custom and a conservative progress, between polytheism and theism.

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